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Free Listing Features:

*Fill out the form below with as much detail.


*If you don’t have a drop date yet then no problem, you can still fill out the form without one. Only drops with date & time filled out will be added to the “dropping this week”.

*We will only list projects of quality. NO NSFW.

*Projects using bots to grow un-organically/paying for a following will be delisted without notice.

Paid Listing Features:

*Fill out the form below requesting the dates you are interested in the "List a Project" section.

*Take note that ALL paid ads go live/end between 9:00 am - 10:00 am EST U.S. Time on the day of the booking.

*All other feedback, general questions & amendments to current projects already listed on the site can also be submitted via this form

1. Each CNFT event will be reviewed by our team before approval.

2. Make sure the links is officials: website page, twitter, discord, medium post, etc…

3. Please describe your project in at least 300 words to get approved.

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